Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The land of the FO's

For those not "in the know", FO's are Finished Objects. I have been living in the Land of FO's because I have been crocheting like crazy! I finished Scott's scarf that I posted about previously. It ended up simply gorgeous and soft. I was sad to finish it as the yarn was so luxurious to work with.

The next project I finished was the granny square blanket I started in January. This is the blanket I taught myself to crochet with. It is Red Heart Super Saver, and is about 55"X55". Notice the edging I did on it! I love my new blankie!


The last project I did was a small bag. I used this pattern, and used this gorgeous yarn, Paton's SWS in Natural Blue. The yarn was given to me by my cousin. It was lovely to work with! It is a self-striping yarn, as you can see. It is hard to tell scale, but the bag is a little taller than a can of pop. The bag is done mostly in sc, but the edge (which is a bit wonky) was done in reverse half-double crochet. Working in reverse was a challenge, but I did it! And here it is:


Now, I just have to decide what to do next!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A crocheting fool

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I realize it is August in the northern hemisphere (and therefore summer), but winter IS just around the corner. So I decided to crochet my hubby a scarf. The wool is alpaca and merino. It is crocheting up beautifully; it has a lovely drape. Right now, it is 8" wide by 47" long, and I am half way through my last skein. I hope hubby likes it!