Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!

lolcats and funny pictures

I found this pic at this website. I have no affiliation with this site. I just go there daily for the giggles!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mystery granny squares

Many moons ago, while I was in university, a roommate learned how to crochet. She was spitting out these huge blankets, and I thought I could learn too. So I went off to Lewiscraft (which is no more, unfortunately), and bought a book, a hook and some yarn.


Mystery yarn and granny squares...

Fast forward to today. I found some yarn in a bag, and at the bottom of the bag I found this yarn and some granny squares. I think I wanted to make a blanket, but I obviously did NOT get enough yarn. Some of the squares I can't use, because I cut the tail end waaaaaaay too short and there was nothing to weave in. The few squares that are left I decided to make another scarf. (Yup, here in the arctic tundra one cannot have too many scarves!) I did an invisible stitch to attach them, and am now in the process of adding a simple dc border. The gauge is all wonky and the squares are all different sizes, but I still like the yarn (and it still looks like new!), and I think it will turn out ok. Will post pics when done!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Happy Scarf

The yarn was speaking to me, I tell ya. "Crochet me, crochet me" was its relentless cry. So off to Ravelry (which is still in beta testing) to look around. I found what seemed to be like an easy pattern by Pixeldiva and away I went.

The actual crocheting went pretty smoothly. Somehow, the width of my scarf is 2" as opposed to the stated finished size of 4". Oh well, I don't mind skinny scarves. I attached pompoms a la CrazyAuntPurl for an added happy touch.

That is a happy scarf, if I do say so myself.

I love my happy new scarf. Hmmm, now let's see what the rest of the yarn is trying to say to me...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yarny goodness--on the cheap!

My hubby is just so wonderful. Yesterday, my hubby and I went to do some shopping and general wandering around. We ended up going to Michael's ("just to look" of course) and to do some "yarn touching". I happened to notice one of the clerks putting out some yarn on clearance for $1/skein. There was quite a bit of novelty yarn (i.e. eyelash and ribbon-style yarns), but I noticed in a bottom bin some worsted weight yarn. Upon closer inspection, it was Lion Brand Wool. There were two variegated styles, and a gray.
Gray! Hubby loves gray, and I want to make him a blanket. So with my eyelashes fluttering, I asked if we could get the gray as a starting point for his blanket. I got a "yes", then I asked about the variegated. He said: "Well, what would you make?" and I quickly replied "A scarf, of course!".
I got 10 skeins of gray and four of "Flower Garden" for $14.86; enough for a basic start on the blanket, and a scarf and maybe a small tote for me.


Look at that yarny goodness!

I know that the blanket will be "handwash only", but I still want to give it a go. Will keep you updated....

Monday, October 15, 2007

A GoodDay(tm)

Today was officially a GoodDay(tm). These days come so few and far between. After doing some housework, I decided to make some earrings.


The earrings on the left are clear quartz, and are also my first attempt at wire wrapping (yikes!). They are not perfect, but they will do. The earrings on the right are quartz and polymer clay beads. I like these better.

Yay for GoodDays(tm)!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Manamana...doo doo de doo doo

Now you're going to have this in your head allllll day!