Monday, January 19, 2009

Golden Days

Anyone living in Canada knows the term "January thaw". To me, it is a time of sun and warmth in the midst of dreary days which reminds me that spring will come again. Finally, we got a January thaw here at "the Teepee". The past few weeks (really month) have been very cold (-20C on a "nice" day and below -40C on very cold days). The sun was also hidden by clouds which made all of the outdoors a dreary blue-grey-brown. Rather depressing and claustrophobic, even for a hardened Canuck like me. Late last week, the sun and the warmth came full force. The sun has given everything a warm golden glow, and it has been slightly above freezing, making it easier to get outside without bundling up. I have even been able to open some windows and get fresh air moving through the house, which freshens everything up. I feel so much more alert and aware; it just feels so good! I know spring will probably arrive later here in Northern Alberta than in Southern Ontario like I am used to, but it is just heart-warming to know that it will come!


I also received my first disability cheque (retro) on Friday. Most of it went to bills, but I did treat myself to something. I wanted a "signature" bracelet; something that would go with everything, be handmade, and be unique. I found one and bought it on Etsy: here is the link. I can hardly wait to get it! Will keep you updated...