Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I think poking my eye with a crochet hook would be more fun...

Now don't get me wrong. I am very happy and excited about moving to our new house. It's the getting there that is getting me down. I know the economy is crumbling, but dammit! I need to get my stuff from here to there! I wish someone could just pack all my stuff and whisk it away to Alberta for me, while a cabana boy brings me zombies by the gallon. I would be good with that! But no, I am a responsible, non-magic-performing human. Must pack all our stuff up securely and before October 31 when the moving truck comes. Oh yeah, I still have to book the dogs' flights and get them to the airport too. Sigh.

Monday, September 29, 2008

And we have a winner!

Officially, we now have another house! Hubby had a house inspection done on our new house. Nothing earth shattering was found, which is a good thing. Hubby asked the inspector a bunch of questions about things like the septic system and the well, and they all checked out ok.
I'd show you a picture if I could, but I not quite that organized. However, you can see our "right-angled" piece of land on Google Maps. Go to Google Maps and type in "Teepee Creek AB" and zoom in until you can see as many roads as you can; I go in to about 5 lines down form the "+" sign on the left of the page. Follow road 674 west out of Teepee Creek to the first intersecting road. Go south on that road to the first "T" intersection. At that T we are on the north west "corner" of that intersection. If you flip into satellite mode (button at top right of map) you can see a fuzzy triangular green piece of land south of a bunch of reddish coloured land. It's little, but it's all ours! (Well, more like the bank's, but you know what I mean).
Closing is October 31! Yay us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Riding the wave

Lately, life has been simply wild. In the past month, we got a real estate broker, sold our house and Scott has gone to Grande Prairie. I just cannot believe how (relatively) smoothly everything has gone, all things considered. Now all I have to do is pack, and get me and the dogs out to G.P. No small feat, but I am sure I can do it.

It certainly feels like life has come along like a huge wave, picked me up, and decided which way I am to go. I feel like I could try and balk, but then I would drown and it wouldn't help me anyway. I am trying to simply go with the flow and ride the wave, enjoy the view and hang on for the wildest ride ever. I am actually really excited now that the hardest parts are over. Scott still needs to find us a house, and I am sure the universe will help us find something. So far, he universe has been pretty good in helping us with everything else!