Friday, April 24, 2009

Things about Molly

So Molly has been here at our house for a while, and we have learned a few things about her:

She loves toys, like Kongs and rope toys.
She is a big time chewer. She has not yet destroyed anything with her chewing, except toys.
She is about 9 months old, according to our vet, so she is still quite a puppy.
She likes to jump up. She is getting better at not jumping on us, but we are still working on the "all four on the floor" rule we have here.
She likes to mouth, especially when playing. We are working at this by redirecting her to a toy, and ignoring her until she sits nicely.
She likes Scott's dirty laundry, and my shoes. Nothing destroyed yet.
We had her spayed about a week ago. She is doing fine.
She doesn't like baths.
We are working on "sit", coming to her name, and "no". Obviously she got away with a lot with her previous owners (see mouthing and jumping above), but she is pretty smart (mostly) and is picking stuff up relatively quickly.
She used to not like going in the car, but we have worked with her on this and now loves the car!
She is about 85 lbs, and will probably be about 110 lbs. This is why we are working to correct her habits now, instead of down the road when she can push her way around.
She really is a good girl :)
Roxy has not yet warmed up to her, but she does tolerate her and lays by her.
Scott and I both love her already!!!

Pics coming soon, when I can get some nice clear ones.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to give a doggy's mommie a heart attack in 30 sec. or less

Molly is such a good dog and both me and hubby love her to death already. So, hubby was reading the local SPCA website (where we got Molly) and was reading the found section. There was a notice about a dog lost. It reads: "Lost Dog colour Tan Lost somewhere between Rycroft and Wanham. Was riding in the back of our truck. Large dog, approx 100 lbs, has a red collar with "Canada" on it. Looks like the Turner and Hooch dog. Rycroft/Wanham area". When my hubby read me the post, my heart sunk into my stomach. Except for the date lost, this was an extremely accurate description of Molly, right down to the red Canada collar! I was upset and so was hubby. Neither of us wanted to keep a dog whose owners were looking for her/him; I couldn't live with myself if we did. So hubby left a msg. on their machine, and waited. While waiting, hubby was looking in the lost and found pet area of our local Kijiji site. He found the exact same post, but with a pic. and more detail. The dog lost was a neutered male (!!!), and was definitely a purebred mastiff. Although we are sorry someone lost their dog, we were so relieved it wasn't Molly! We can keep Molly with no guilt, only with a bit of anger that someone abandoned her. This experience certainly was enough excitement for one day, and I have prohibited my hubby from looking at the lost and found ever again ;)!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good as gold and twice as precious... Molly the Mastiff X!

But first a word from our local "dowager empress":

"I was hoping that my kingdom would remain small and minimal but Mom and Dad decided that I need another subject. I am reserving judgment on my new subject until I get to know her better, but she is big, goofy and in-your-face. Definitely not who I was hoping for, but we'll see how she and I adjust. Meanwhile, I will continue to survey my kingdom from an appropriate distance. Continue with your normally scheduled posting."

Roxy and Molly are not best buds yet, but I am hoping that will change.

Now, Molly!

Molly is quite the good girl, and smart too!

More info to come!

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's been a long, long road

So. I haven't written anything for quite a few months. I just haven't been up to it. I thought that maybe I could do a little post to get myself back in to writing.

I still love it up here in Alberta. I certainly am having fewer "wtf!" moments, and it is beginning to feel like home. Spring is finally coming. We still have large snow banks and snow on the ground, but the roads are clearing and that is a good thing. It is still too cold for tulips and crocuses, but I hope they pop their heads up soon. I need me some green! I tell myself that when I came in November there was no snow on the ground, so it makes me hopeful that there will be a time when there is no snow!

In sadder news, we euthanized our 11 1/2 y.o. boxer Shadow on March 14. He was sick for a month and was not enjoying life anymore. We got his ashes in the mail earlier this week and I still feel sad. No more wet boxer kisses. I miss my bud. I am hoping to do a post about him later, because it is just too hard to do right now.

More to come soon!