Thursday, August 24, 2006

A starting place

So, I've been thinking about doing my own art studio blog for a bit now. I have always dreamed of my own studio: huge picture window in front of the ocean, an area for painting huge canvases, an area for pottery and, a new part of the dream, an area for textile art. Of course I have the studio totally visualized in my head, and it is actually like a small house instead of only a studio. However, I doubt I will have the exact studio I dream of, so I am creating a virtual one instead. The dream will always be there, however, and I do someday hope to live my dream. Here in this virtual studio, I will not only be expressing my art, but also my feelings and my observations of the world around me that hit a chord.

So welcome to Anne's Art Studio. I can put the kettle on for a cup of tea (and I am sure I could put on a pot coffee for you, if that's your thing), and I am sure to have a little sweet something to nibble on. Pick your favourite mug from the shelf and have a hot drink, pick a cookie from the plate beside you, choose a comfy chair to curl up in, and relax, explore and enjoy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm all comfy, and have a cup of hot,sweet tea.
I'm already to go, so lead on dear friend, lead on....

Ms. S