Thursday, June 07, 2007

A pillow and a toe

I haven't been posting because a) I haven't been in the mood, and b) I have been crafting!

I have been crocheting in the evenings, but I won't post a pic because it looks pretty much the same as before, except bigger ;). I also have been sewing.
On the left, is a pillow made in a similar way to my last purse. I hand embroidered the "live with joy" on the front. I probably could do a little beading on it, but this was just a practice pillow, so I did not pre-iron it or anything. It stands on its own because it has a flat bottom. It is great to throw at my hubby! The "toe" on the right is a practice doll. I learned a lot doing this little doll. I learned about size and distortion, and why applique might be a little easier than trying to inset material (like on the face). I didn't finish it because it was just a learning experience, and, well, it looks like a deformed toe :D. I hope my next doll doesn't look like a finger or anything.

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