Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Think-age

A while ago, there was a big discussion about patterns and how to acquire them (buying them, photocopying from the library...) The library! Had totally forgotten about the library! So off I went, to see what I could find. A surprising number of books were out, but I found a couple titles that looked promising. I found one called The Crocheter's Art; New Dimensions in Free-Form Crochet by Del Pitt Feldman. Sounds perfect! So I went to get it, and found out it was written in 1972! (Nothing new under the sun, eh?) Definitely inspiring! She goes through how to make some basic flat and 3D forms, as well as incorporating different items in your crochet art. One idea that really piqued my interest was sewing a simple line of stitching on leather, and then using that as your base chain and crocheting right into that. This spurred an idea on in my head: incorporating crochet in my abstract art by crocheting right onto the canvas! The possibilities are endless... happy sigh

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