Thursday, August 24, 2006

Art Studio Inhabitants

So, I think I need to introduce the mascots of Anne's Art Studio. They are my faithful companions, and easiest critics. They love me and the work I do, especially when I make them homemade peanut butter!

So these are my dogs: Shadow on the left and Roxy on the right. Shadow is a purebred reverse brindle boxer and Roxy is a fox terrier cross. Shadow is 7 and Roxy is 10. They both are wonderful. See how nicely they sat for me to take this pic? Granted, they do look like American Gothic, minus the pitchfork. So I guess we could call it Canadian Dog Gothic Without Pitchfork.

Can you imagine waking up to this tongue every morning? Shadow is definitely a "licking" kind of dog. I have gotten used to being mildly soggy all the time. He believes life revolves around him, and ends up pushing poor Roxy around, but he has a good heart and loves being around us. A.k.a. "The Ogre", "Mom's Boy", "Whiner", "Bud".

This pic really shows Roxy's personality. She is a sweet dog, willing to please, and very easy going. You tell her to "go lay down" and she goes and lays down. She is actually our house alarm, because as soon as a blade of grass moves anywhere on our property, she barks. She very rarely gets into trouble, but when she does, it usually involves food of some kind. She is a very gentle lady. A.k.a. "Roxy Girl", "Sweetie", "Mom's Girl".

Besides my pups, there is also my husband, Scubaru. He is my biggest supporter and encourager. We have been a couple for many years now, and we still love each other. Ain't love grand?

Well, those are the lives I live with. They are always there for me no matter what. I'm sure you will also get to meet the other important people in my life sooner or later.

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