Saturday, August 26, 2006

My creative stuff

Since this *is* an art studio, I thought I might actually start displaying some of my art/crafts that I have made. (Hmm. I know. What a concept!) Some things I post will be recent and others will be things I may have made in the past, but I guarantee they are all created by me.

This little guy is the first "stuffie" I ever made one my shiny, beautiful sewing machine I got for Christmas from Scubaru. I sure learned a lot from this little guy; mostly technical stuff due to me being pretty much a beginner sewer. I really experimented with him: I played with decorative stitches (face), stitch length (sewing edges), and sewing different materials (felt, fleece). No, he is not perfect, but he came out close to how I imagined; therefore I think I succeeded. He sometimes gets funny comments about his legs (they are uneven and *supposed* to be like that), but I like that he is unusual.

I generally like art or crafts to be unusual or emotion-provoking (hate or love, I don't care), so you may see some unusual stuff being displayed around the studio. Don't worry, most of them don't bite ; ).

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