Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Rainy Saturday

Today is one of those rainy Saturdays that comes along every once in a while. You know the kind: drizzly, kind of cool, dark and dreary. It is the kind of day where naps are the priority and the drink of the day is a warm, cozy cup of tea. Everyone is just resting; the pups have been sleeping most of the day, as well as the humans. It seems that my creative juices are also resting; I played with my new coloured pencils a bit this morning, but I haven't done anything else more creative than making tuna sandwiches for dinner. I think my creative part needs to rest and rejuvenate too; I have been creating at least something every day for the last 3 weeks. I think I just need a little break. I have been playing a video game (FFXI for those interested) all day. It is repetitive (the way I play it anyway) and a bit routine, but it is nice to know that if I do "x", I know "y" will happen, or rarely "z". I know what is expected and things play out the way they should (unless I do something I know I shouldn't and then "die"). It seems like in my real life, that is just not the case. I am doing "x+y+z" and expecting "q" to happen, but it seems like only "k" is happening. I guess what I am trying to say (kind of poorly) is that in real life I am trying my best to get better by doing everything I should, and I am just not getting the results. It is a bummer for sure. Now I know, "Life" rarely happens the way you expect it to, but I just want a bit of a break and feel better already! I keep hoping that maybe tomorrow will be better, but sometime it is just hard to hope. Oh well, for right now there is not much else I can do but go with the flow, drink my tea, and go kill some Goblins to make Vana'diel safe again.

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Donna said...

Sometimes the routines bring us comfort ... the knowing that x+y will always =z is soothing, at least sometimes. Sometimes, we need the mundane to keep our brains at "quiet" least I do.
All quiet here, too. I am wallowing in my slow death by summer cold. :-)