Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and stuff

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful fall day here. It is warm and sunny with a refreshing breeze. It was the perfect day for me to put away the lawn furniture and for hubby to finish up some yard work. It is sad to know that this is probably the last blog from our backyard 'til the spring. I am enjoying the weather while I can. I am sitting on an old lawn chair in the yard with my laptop on my knees with leaves falling on me; it couldn't be better.

Life has been pretty crappy here; that is why so few posts lately. I have been creative; mostly just drawing and colouring and experimenting. I am letting myself do things that normally my brain say "wait! no! you just can't do that!" I did on piece with like 45 different colours and glitter glue and stickers and wire and fabric. Thank god I am on (legal) drugs so I have an excuse! :D Staying at least a little creative seems to help, so I do something everyday.

Anyways...Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Autumn!

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Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving...and Happy Stuff, too :-) Sounds like you & I might have the same "blah" ness, just for different reasons. I'm finally getting back into some kinda groove....I shoulda bought the box of 64 crayons to help me :-)