Friday, October 13, 2006

The vile 'S' word and other adventures

So today has been a rather interesting day. After a marathon 3-way conference call with Ms. S and my cousin Donna last night, I was totally expecting to be exhausted, but, surprisingly, I wasn't! I decided to take advantage of my up mood and get some stuff done. Unfortunately, the weather was doing the vile 'S' word---SNOWING!!!! I had to dig out my coat and head out into the frigid weather. Uggh. Snow at the beginning of October is, just, well, wrong on so many levels. I went to the pharmacy then I headed on the bus to Walmart. On the way to Walmart, my stopped bus got hit from behind by a car. I got off the bus and the car had stuff dripping from it. Hmmmph, I guess the bus is not going anywhere for a while. I look, and I am not so far from Walmart. I walk, in the SNOW, to the mall. At Walmart, I found a cool yogurt maker for $5 (how cool is that???), got some material for some bandannas for the dogs for Halloween, and some other stuff too. Made it home in one piece, in the SNOW, tired, but content. A weird day, for sure! I hope tomorrow I can get the bandannas done.

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Donna said...

A yogurt maker ...for $5?? I so want sounds wicked cool.
I know why you weren't tired....I had absorbed all of your exhaustion. I woke up @ 7:45 instead of 6:30. Right through the alarm. Thankfully, I have an understanding boss :-)
Can't wait to see the bandanas for the fur babies - I know your DH disagrees with the whole clothed animal theory but they're bandanas, not really clothes. It's an accessory & you can't go wrong with accessories!