Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP is done and lots o' pics

So my "Fuck You" WIP is finally done! I added a bird flying away to symbolize that "I'm outta here!" So whaddya think? :D

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought some material at Walmart. The one on the left is black and grey cats and mice with tiny gold dots, and the one on the right is purple squares with orange spiders. I think they will make really cute bandannas for the dogs. I got 2 meters of each (at only $1.97/m!) just in case I need this type of material in, oh, say, May ; ).

I also have to add a pic of my new telescope my fabulous hubby got for me (us) for our anniversary. It is super easy to use and fun too!


Donna said...

Holy Jesus Wept Anne...that is AMAZING! Even little Miss Tishie proclaimed it "AWESOME" should be really proud of yourself!
I'm diggin' the fabric :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm with Donna!! Only you could make "fuck you" look so pretty.

I foresee You saying SHIT, even when you only have a half mouthfull by the new year!!!

In all seriousness,I'm proud of you.