Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just some stuff...

First, a random picture of the cutest girl-dog in the world: Roxy! She *so* doesn't like me taking her pic. Notice how she is avoiding looking in the camera!

I wasn't too sure if I wanted to post this, but I thought what the heck why not. It is not really Art (with a capital A) but more like a doodle drawing. I feel like I am experimenting with colour right now, and trying to not set limits on which colours. It is interesting that the top colours are more warm, while the bottom colours are more cool. I particularly like the silver glitter shrimp dancing near the bottom (just because they ARE silver glitter shrimp!) The big glitter spot on one of the central shapes (it looks more like snot right now) will dry red. I'm not sure the central shapes/colours necessarily work here in this composition, but as this piece was totally unplanned and done while talking with Ms. S on the phone, I'll let that slide for now. I do quite like how the colors of the more wavy areas around the circumference work together, both contrasting and complementing each other. I think I am heading in a direction I like with my doodles, and I wonder if some of these ideas will end up in some of my more formal artwork (maybe with a capital A). Who knows what tomorrow brings!

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