Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random day -- pic-less

Today was just a random kind of day. I had to go to the EI office to get some stuff straightened out, and I will be getting a cheque either Friday or Monday, but to get my last week of pay, I have to get, yes, *another* form filled out by my doc. So good news in general.

I also just wandered around downtown; something I haven't reeeeally done for a while. I went to the Art gallery and wandered around there. They had a theme of "Words" in one part of the gallery. Obviously, the artwork had words or something to do with words. Only a few caught my eye. One installation piece was branches and twigs of trees that looked like letters with a nest and a tape recorder with children saying letters. Kinda different. Another part of the gallery was called "Supernatural". Rather bizarre; some of the art was stuffed animals made to look like they were preserved in jars like specimens; another set of art was hand knitted garments for wild animals (i.e. a balaclava for a rhino, a turtleneck sweater for a giraffe, and wool socks for an elephant) Note that these were life size knitted objects. I think I would rather spend my time doing slightly different art, thank you very much!

I then went to my favourite used book store, City Lights, and found a couple books on sewing for a great price as well as a book with short stories. I figure with my decreased concentration level, I might be able to make it through a short story rather than a novel.

I also got started on the doggies' bandannas: they have been cut out, sewn together and turned right side out. I just didn't feel like ironing, so maybe tomorrow I will finish them up. I think they will be really cute. {{{Notice there are no pics of any of these things; I'll take pics tomorrow}}}

I am truly wiped out and ready for a quiet evening and a good night's sleep!

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Anonymous said...

A turtleneck for a giraffe?? It sounds like someone got into the "tomatoes"

Ms. S