Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bandannas are done!

Yay! I finally finished the doggies' Halloween bandannas. Don't they look cute? They are both reversible, but I thought Shadow would look best with the purple showing and Roxy, the black. I also did one for the neighbour's dog, Tawny, also exactly the same.

Here are the books that I bought at the used book store. Look interesting, don't they? I hope to get much valuable use out of them!


Anonymous said...

The bandanas are great!!

Too bad Roxy-girl is giving that "hurry up and take the damn picture already" face.

She is still cute, and you know how I feel about shadow!

Ms. S

Donna said...

They came out terrific! Shadow looks rather "Jet" esque (as in the Sharks & the Jets)...all he needs is a cigarette & muscle Tshirt :-)
And ya' know, even in the bandana Roxy Girl STILL looks like the Dowager Empress.