Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good News about the puppies!

We had to take the dogs to the vet today to a) get checked for fleas, b) have some of Shadow's lumps get checked out and c) have the dogs get lots of treats from the vet tech Nicole. Shadow has flea dirt only (ok), Roxy had no fleas (yay). Two of Shadow's lumps are "lipomas" (fatty benign tumours) (yay!!) and one lump in his ear we have to keep an eye on (not so bad). Both of the pups got lots of treats, as always. I am so happy that Shadow's tumours are really nothing to be worried about. Finally, some good news!

Otherwise, today has been a day of sleep and rest. And nothing else. Even the dogs were good and napped while I did. I still get overwhelmed and exhausted with the smallest exertion, so I have done the bare minimum to get through the day. And I don't feel guilty AT ALL!!!! :D

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