Monday, October 30, 2006

The journey continues

Tonight is one of the few nights that is simply a perfect fall evening: slightly cool and fresh, a lightly clouded moon and the smell of fall leaves in the air. I am blogging from my front porch tonight. Scubaru and I are both out here; we both smoked some nice (and for me small and flavoured) cigars (I enjoy my little cigar, but I don't want it stinking up the house!). It is interesting to see who passes by at night: families, dog owners, teenagers. It is a lovely night to be out and about as soon it will be too cold to enjoy sitting outdoors for any length of time. Halloween is tomorrow, so I guess tonight is "Devil's Night"; haven't seen anything going on but it is probably too early still. We don't "do" Halloween at my house; we just get too few kids (like 6-8) and I end up eating all the candy anyway. Maybe Scubaru and I will go out then, or maybe just shut all the lights off so it looks like no one is home and watch tv in the dark (yeah, I know it's dorky, *shrug*)

Today I simply overdid it. I just did waaaaaaay too much and now I am more than exhausted. My brain stopped functioning a few hours ago; I'm glad I know how to cook dissociated as I have done that once or three times in my life. I made a "real meal" tonight: roast pork, mashed potatoes, mashed turnip and gravy. It certainly was quite delicious, but I don't know if the exhaustion is worth it.

My poor blog is morphing from an art studio to a counselling couch. Not what I wanted at all. I realized that the last few posts have had little to do with my artistic endeavours. Unfortunately, when my brain is acting weird, I just can't seem to get the energy up to do anything artistic. My physical and mental health have just been taking up so much of my energy so that I can make it through the day. I need somewhere to "dump" all the stuff floating around in my noodle, and you, dear visitor, get the chance to see it all. Lucky you. I am still hoping to do at least a little something artsy in the next few days. One can only hope.

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Anonymous said...


This blog may be taking a different route that you first thought but, isn't art and expression of your inner most feelings???

Is this not what you are doing...Sharing you inner most feelings???

Art was the only safe way you felt you had untill now. You are just finding a new way to express yourself.

Just my little 2 cents worth.

Ms. S