Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Internet meanderings...

Lately I have been wandering around the internet, poking in dusty corners and seeing what is there. Some of the sites I have been to are interesting...

Soul Food Cafe is a wonderful, labyrinthine and impressive site. It is geared towards writers and encouraging daily writing. Even though I am more of an artist than a writer, I found the site fascinating and helpful. Some of the weekly writing prompts are in the form of "Grand Tours"; one very similar to what upper-middle class men would do in Europe, and another in the form of a fantasy world called Lemuria. The Grand Tours are just a small part of this site. I just don't have the words to describe this site accurately! There are some dead links, but that doesn't diminish the overall effectiveness of the site. I am also not sure how active some of the forums are as the few I poked my nose into had very old posts. However, it is a truly a magical site. You can easily get lost in the site and spend a LOT of time wandering, which I fully admit I have done recently. I highly recommend this site.

Tealeaves is a cute, but accurate, tea leaf reading page. Try it, you'll like it!

Sandart is a fun time-waster. Make your own sand art!

Reasonably Clever is another great time-waster. Lego-lover (yes, Lego!) or not, I'm sure you can find something here to interest you. Make a Mini-mizer version of yourself or someone else, or read through the tarot decks made up of scenes of Lego.

Have fun; I know I did!

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